Mentoring/Author Services


$35 per Half-Hour Long Call, or $50 for Hour-Long

​Let me help you figure out how to make your novel stand out as I journey with you through the crazy world that is the publishing realm. Tailored to your specific needs, I can offer support in everything ranging from brainstorming, developing your voice as an author, creating healthy habits to protect your mental health (and physical!), to navigating aspects of the publishing industry such as how to write a query letter, book proposal, and anything else you may need.

Writing can be a lonely journey—but you don’t have to do it alone.

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$35 per Half-Hour Call, or $50 for an Hour

I offer a one-on-one, half-hour to an hour-long call to discuss the different aspects of marketing and any questions that you may have about effectively portraying yourself as both an author and individual to the world. Tailored to meet your specific needs, we can work on everything from branding, using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as powerful growth tools, or go over whatever questions or comments that you have. 

I believe in you–now let’s get you out in the world and on your way to living the dream you’ve always wanted for yourself. 

Book Proposal/Query Writing

$125 for Query Letter, $2K-4K for Full Book Proposal (less than the running industry rate by 3K)

Many new authors, anxious to get their work seen, become overwhelmed with fear and confusion about how to proceed. With hundreds of agents and editors out there, it can be time-consuming and anxiety spiking trying to determine who to contact and who to avoid.

I am here to take help you take the guesswork out of this exhausting process. I have written several agent nailing book proposals and query letters and can confidently provide you with the personal and professional helping-hand you need to make your publishing dreams a reality.

Let’s collaborate on making your publishing goals a reality! 

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Please email me at: to get started!