Current Projects

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Renegade: a chance for redemption

Status: Complete!

Genere: Historical fiction/Thriller

Word Count: 93,000 words


What price would you pay for redemption? 

MariAnne Blakely is drowning in a sea of her own destruction.

A hired assassin, she is suffocating in a darkness that consumes her with every victim she kills. Fighting against the demons of her past, MariAnne is about to find out that God has other plans.

Being an assassin requires her to live a life of corruption, a cursed existence MariAnne has never seen anyone escape from. Still, she is desperate for freedom and finds herself walking the line between good and evil. Caught in the crossfire of the Crimean war, MariAnne finds herself fighting for more than the protection of the British as she becomes entangled in a war for her very soul. Hired to dispatch a prominent enemy general, MariAnne will soon find that she faces an enemy greater than the one she has been sent to kill: herself.



Status: First draft

Genre: Realistic fantasy

Word count: 107k

Authors: I’m co-writing this with the amazing K.E.Stanton!


Neither gold nor silver
Nor pain nor fury
Nor darkness nor light
Can shake the foundation of the earth

But together a quake
Stronger than despair
Will damage the very

Meiria,  a country girl in the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lionold, has lived in the midst of war ever since she could remember. Raids, fire, and death are not unknown to her, but when the enemy kingdom of Noxeram slaughters her Village and murders innocent people, taking her captive, everything seems all too real. Suddenly she is a captive, traveling into the heart of enemy territory, with visions of death and the watching eye of a dark and mysterious man. When all is hopeless, she must fight the darkness that says everything is lost.

Andrian, Prince of Noxeram, knew he was born for just one purpose. To be king. The only problem is, that doesn’t seem to be happening.
He wants nothing else but freedom from his cruel father and the past that haunts his footsteps, and it seems the only way to gain it is to do the one thing he was raised to do.


At first, it comes as an easy task. After all, he has never minded killing his enemies.

And then she comes along. Smart, beautiful, with a mind full of secrets and a heart full of gold. There’s only one problem— she’s his enemy.

Meira and Andrian know they fight for different sides, but the bond between them shatters all darkness.

Together, they could bring peace and, perhaps, the answer to the ancient prophecy.

After all, being royal doesn’t just come from wearing a crown.


The Mountain Bled Fire: a novel of Pompeii

Status: Second draft

Genre: Historical Fiction/Suspense

Word count: 108k


She meets in secret.

He fights in secret.





A secret plot raining down like fire.

If he doesn’t come all will be lost.

If she doesn’t leave all will be broken.




Alessandra Di Matteo is a pawn in her father’s political game, a lure for sponsors, an unknowing participant in a web of corruption and lies that creep the streets of Pompeii. Secret meetings with a man named, Raoul, mean nothing more to her than a harmless romance. An escape from the harsh reality that in a few months time, she will be married off to a wealthy politician in return for money and an endorsement to be used in her father’s campaign.

To Raoul, it’s much more complicated than that.

As a runaway Jew, he barely escaped with his life from the persecution of the Roman guard and now finds himself in a group of men who’s underground society run from the aqueducts under the city, helps enslaved Christians escape from the cruel games of the gladiators. Grateful for a chance to pay back the men who saved his life, Raoul becomes entangled in a mission that is too risky to blow.

Stop politically corrupt Maius Di Matteo from winning the upcoming elections.

The bloodthirsty politician will stop at nothing to win, and knowing his view on the gladiator games, Raoul fears that if this man is elected, the blood of his fellow Christians will flow like a river across the amphitheater ground. And if that means getting close to his daughter to learn his secrets, then so be it.

The only thing he didn’t reckon with is the weakness of his heart and how fast he will fall for the young woman whose naivety of her father’s corruption leaves her an innocent bystander longing for freedom and chance at true love.

With Vesuvius’s looming threat to the coastal city, two unlikely characters on a political stage that has reached its boiling point as Christians are jailed and executed must set aside their differences to save their loved ones or all will be lost.