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I’m curious.

Did you have a childhood dream (or maybe even still have one)?

I’m talking about a huge ambition or idea that made your parents laugh or sit in shock at the things you spoke of with such spunky certainty. You wanted to be a firefighter, ballerina, author, actress/actor, chef, ninja warrior, detective, maybe even an astronaut!

While to many adults your dreams may have looked outrageous or even impossible, you didn’t know that. It was that early enthusiasm and quintessential child’s bright imagining of all that you could be---as if there was no reason to believe in anything less than what you dreamed because, why couldn’t you be all that and more?

If you had a childhood dream, what was it?

Looking back, I laugh at the younger me and all the things I wanted to be. Some of them I know I’ll never be like--- an opera singer? My younger self was an interesting character and apparently had a unique taste in music. While I can laugh at myself now, I also have a very tender place in my heart for younger, ambitious, shy me. I miss her sometimes, and in exploring my inner child a bit more, I’ve found that while my childhood was laced with many dreams and ideas, I still have one dream that has yet to lose its hold and leave me to rest in peace.

I realize that not many people ever pursue or even achieve their childhood dreams. I only know a few people who are actively living out what their inner child once drempt up on a warm summer's day, but for a majority, it has ceased to be. I think the main reason for that is because A.) one grows up and B.) plans change.

I used to envy those who were actively living out their dreams and goals and I think that set me on the path of tracking down the first dream that instilled itself in my heart.

I’ve pondered and searched the trenches of my heart for that first flicker of a dream and I have only, as of late, discovered what child me desired.

I wanted to be a writer.

A writer. Think about that, of all the things I wanted to be----I craved and thought that the image of a girl with glasses (which ironically I have) curled up on a window seat somewhere with a book in hand and a typewriter nearby was heaven. Yes, I have a strange obsession with typewriters and find that many beautiful words tend to pour off their keys. I wanted to surround myself with words and the intricate stories they could tell, and for most of my childhood, I did. I would read for hours on end, so immersed in the story I was reading that I couldn’t stand to pull myself away.

Forgoing a new path.

While I mentioned above that I felt envious of other people who pursued their childhood dreams, I’ve come to see that I too am living out my dreams. Some of you may not know that I wrote a book. A book that changed me and the vision I had for my life, and I have since polished it up and began the tedious, and sometimes terrifying project of recruiting an agent.

I can now say that I have one and I am beyond blessed to have her on my team and supporting me. This year has seen me through many adventures with this book, some I didn’t even know I was brave enough to face, and while my dreams and ideas have gone through many stages and changes, I find comfort in the fact that God’s dreams for me never do.

Trusting the Master Writer.

He has a grand plan for my life, and I’m trusting Him as I dive into a bunch of unknowns. He only wants the best for me and has instilled and brought to life my inner child’s dream, and has been guiding me through the steps of making that dream happen. While the path isn’t always clear, I’m resting in His arms as He guides me through the waters and points me to a path that He paved for me long ago.

Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Looking forward.

The theme of my dreams remains the same despite the many changes it has undergone in the past year. What is it you may ask? To change the lives of others through the words He gives and inspire others through stories penned through the hands of this writer. Welcome to this new era as you journey with me the road to publication and may we have many adventures together first and foremost as friends, and then as fellow readers and bloggers.

I have to write and write I will.




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