I’m Rebekah (or Bekks), a young author from sunny Southern California, follower of Christ, podcaster, lover of cookies, an avid watcher of movies and dramas that make me cry, and your friendly neighborhood glitter fairy. 

My love for stories and writing began as soon as I could hold a pencil and read for myself. Now, an eighteen-year-old surrounded by my cats and insanely supportive family, I draw from my own experiences, society, and the Bible, to craft fiction that I hope brings light to the darkness. 

I have been known to burst into song at any given moment and love to learn foreign languages. Currently, I am teaching myself Korean and Chinese, but who knows, Spanish may soon find it’s way from my lips! 

Although I never achieved my dream of becoming an opera singer, I am content being a fan and when I’m not writing novels, you’ll most likely find me either playing piano or guitar, baking up healthy treats for my family and friends, watching K-drama ( a lot of K-drama), fangirling on Twiter, or stanning BTS.

You can find me on Social Media pretending to be an extrovert when I’d rather be snuggled under a blanket reading by Kindle light, but hey, stop on by! Let’s be friends! 💕 😇