My love for stories and writing began as soon as I could hold a pencil and read for myself. Now, a young adult surrounded by cats and insanely supportive family, I draw from my own experiences, society, and the Bible, to craft fiction that I hope brings light and hope to the darkness. 

I have been known to burst into song at any given moment and love to learn foreign languages. Currently, I am teaching myself Korean and Chinese, but who knows, Spanish may soon find its way from my lips! 

Random Facts About Me:


  • Is INFJ and Enneagram 3 who is still confused about the whole “wings” theory associated with it.
  • An intense lover of skincare and healthy living.
  • A massive speed-reader and once read a 394, 890-word fanfiction piece in a day.
  • Is a proud and loud BTS fan. Loves other groups too, but BTS y’all. 👀
  • Tea over coffee.
  • Is fluent in sarcasm.
  • Living meme thesaurus.
  • Loves late nights (think 2-3 AM) and thinks sleep is overrated.
  • Believes Kdrama is LIFE and there is science to prove it.
  • Is obsessed with poetry.
  • Writes books for a living.
  • Is a podcaster.